A Global Partnership
to Make
Better Use of Survey Data
Development Results

The IHSN brings survey producers, sponsors, and users together, to foster better use of survey data for policy making and monitoring. By implementing joint activities, its members seek to identify, promote and implement coordinated and sustainable solutions to problems of availability and timeliness, reliability and relevance, comparability, and dissemination and use of household survey data.

The Second International Roundtable on Managing for Development Results (Marrakech, February 2004) called for a global effort to support countries in generating reliable and timely data to assess progress toward the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and other development goals, and to strengthen international reporting mechanisms. To address this charge, the Marrakech Action Plan for Statistics recommended six areas for international collaboration. One of them, aiming to maximize the value of the available survey information, was the establishment of an international household survey network (IHSN). Similar recommendations emerged from the development phase of the Health Metrics Network.